A Team Dedicated to Your Roofing Projects

Down Arrow

In the Eastern Townships and throughout Quebec, we’ve been providing our customers with the highest quality service since 1974. Our team of over 80 employees, many of whom are certified master roofers, makes us the partner of choice for your public and private sector projects. As a member of the Association des maîtres couvreurs du Québec (AMCQ), the Association des professionnels de la construction et de l’habitation du Québec (APCHQ) and the Association de la construction du Québec, we measure ourselves against the highest standards of quality. We’re proud to be among the Top 10 roofers in Quebec, according to the annual ranking of the largest contractors by trade, in the roofing category.

Our Mission:
To Offer You Quality, and Nothing Less!

Providing sustainable, quality roofing solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional projects.

Proven work methods.

In addition to being environmentally conscious and sustainable, we comply with the highest quality standards thanks to our excellent work methods and give preference to local partners.

A Team That Covers Your Needs

Our team has a wide range of skills to ensure that every detail of your project is taken into account. The gender mix within our team is of crucial importance to us. In fact, we’ve been awarded certification for gender diversity on construction sites by the ACQ, ACRGTQ, APCHQ, CMEQ and CMMTQ.

Support Throughout the Project

To support you effectively in your project, our company has set up a proactive administrative team. Always ready to listen, they are your direct contact with our skilled roof coverers.

Marc-Antoine Lyrette
President, Chief Executive Officer

Work: 819-563-8771 ext. 100

Cell phone: 819-571-2909


Guillaume Lyrette
Vice President, Organizational Performance

Work: 819-563-8771 ext. 101

Cell phone: 819-571-2909


Godfroy St-Pierre
Vice-President Business Development & Strategy

Work: 819-563-8771

Cellphone: 514-895-2715


Judith Poulin
Human Resources Director

Work: 819-563-8771 ext. 117

Cell phone: 819-943-2729


Cindy Lebrun
Finance Director

Work: 819-563-8771

Cell phone: 819-679-7250



Nathalie Couture
Director of Purchasing & Procurement

Work: 819-563-8771 ext. 102

Cell phone: 819-678-3626


Stéphane Lajoie
Project Director

Work: 819-563-8771 ext. 113

Cell phone: 514-605-1701


Ghislain Morin
Health & Safety Manager

Work: 819-563-8771

Cell phone: 819-678-7971


Michael Laprise
General Superintendent

Work: 819-563-8771

Cell phone: 819-570-5926


Tania Lacelle
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Work: 819-563-8771

Cellulaire: 514-771-3919


Pierre-Yves St-Arnaud
Senior Estimator

Travail: 819-563-8771 ext. 108


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