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Roof resurfacing: an update is in order

Roof resurfacing has many advantages.

Not only does it substantially reduce your costs, it also helps protect the environment. Resurfacing with an elastomeric membrane will also help you avoid demolition.

Reducing costs
Downsizing scope of work
Component preservation
Enhanced environmental protection

Extend your roof's lifespan

You can keep a good part of your roof during resurfacing if it’s done according to the rules of the trade.

By analyzing the existing membrane, insulation and vapour barrier, our specialists will advise you on the best course of action.

Once the obsolete or defective elements have been removed, the roofing work is resumed as if it were a new building. For all projects in the public, private or residential sector, Gagné & Roy ensures compliance with all AMCQ requirements.

AMCQ technical requirements

  • Mandatory inspection
  • Knowledge of the building’s history
  • Consideration of basins, slopes and minimum dimensions.

Have your existing roof membrane analyzed first

Contact us today to request an analysis of the existing membrane, and to obtain an accurate estimate of the work required.