Snow removal

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Don't overlook roof snow removal

The weather is a roof’s number-one enemy, as it is the primary cause of wear and tear.

Snow damages a roof, whether you like it or not. Our Quebec winters are voracious and can damage not only your roof, but your building in general.

Preventing building damage
Trained staff
Safety equipment
Eliminating the risk of collapse

Let a professional do the job

Clearing snow from roofs can be dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment and don’t know how to work properly. Our professionals will do the job safely and save you a lot of trouble.

Snow can be harmful to your roof.

  • Infiltration through overflowing drains and gutters
  • Weight-induced settling and cracking
  • Risk of injury
  • Ice damage to the lining
  • Moisture-related rotting of insulation

Avoid the risk of collapse, choose Gagné & Roy

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